Caddyshack Wars

I am not the gardener around our place.  I have a hard time caring about watering something that I can't eat.
And we don't have enough sun for much of a vegetable garden, so...  

Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty flower bed as much as the next girl, well...  not quite as much as the next girl, I just want to cut them and put them in a vase.  Anyways...

Yah.  Don't care much.

But my husband does.  He loves it.  He loves spending all of my kitchen remodel money on shrubs that I don't care about.

He knows I love tulips and hyacinth though.  So very sweetly, he planted about 75 tulips and 100 hyacinth bulbs for me.  Isn't that nice?

This is one of my tulips.  (okay...  I should have taken this photo weeks ago when tulips were in their prime, not in the last fleeting faded moments of life.  See?  Not a gardener.)

Did I mention it was one of the five of my tulips?  

Yup.  Five.  

Only five out of seventy made it.

And, no.  Thank you very much, it was not my fault.

It's this guy.

Or at least his cousin.

We've got a celebrity living under our yard.  The gopher from Caddyshack is out to get my husband.  Well, get his pretty pretty bulbs anyway.

And all of my herbs that I planted last summer.  He ate those too.  

And that, friends, I cannot forgive.

Gopher's gotta go.

Sad, sad hyacinth.  One of three.  Three.  Chris planted one hundred.

All right, again...  should've taken this when it looked decent...  But you get the idea.

The point is...  

Gopher's gotta die.  Or move.  But I'm betting die.

I need to watch Caddyshack again to figure out exactly where to go from here...



garden hose flood?


We're taking suggestions.

1 comment:

April Irvin said...

Great minds think a like. How funny is it that we sometimes blog about the same exact things! Psychic maybe....... Yours are a celebrity and mine are evil, thats a big difference. They should all go live somewhere else though. Agreed!

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