Bran Muffin Pizza??



Play date.

There is a little girl in Lucas's pre-K class named Laura.  She is the bees knees.  The cat's pajamas.  He loves her.  So much in fact, that when Lucas talks about his family, Laura's name is right before Charley the dog.  Seriously.  That's saying something.

So, Lucas had been looking forward to this play date all week.  I promised them that after school they could make their own pizzas for lunch.  That's a promise that gets the eyes a sparklin'.

The two things that he loves the most in the world.  Pizza and War-wa.

But then...

When I went to make the dough, I found that I was out of flour.  Oh no!!! Catastrophe! Disaster!  The horror!  The Horror!!!

 I did however, have oat flour and buckwheat flour.

Well then.  Pizza saved.

Not really.


Some of you crazies out there might think that making pizza dough with oat and buckwheat flour is a good idea.  Well you would be wrong, ya bunch of hippies.  Wrong-wrong-wrong.

It was still fun to make though...

And...  Yes.  Lucas is wearing his pajamas.  He ran upstairs and changed the second he got home from school, even though Laura is here.  That kid has no shame.

But it was somewhat disappointing when it came out of the oven.

It tasted like a bran muffin with a pizza on top.


My boys didn't seem to mind.  They're weird that way.  I think they would eat their shoes if they had pepperoni and cheese melted on top.

But I do hope that War-wa will come over again.  That she will trust me to feed her in spite of the icky pepperoni bran muffin incident.  Hopefully she will give me a chance to redeem myself.

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April Irvin said...

Yummy! On the bright side though it sounds like you got your daily dose of fiber. Giving someone fiber truly means that you care. Haaa..I really crack myself up. Sorry! Uhumm..This is a lovely post of sweet little friends.

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