Birthday Hangover


I've got a birthday hangover.  My eyes hurt.  I have a headache.  I'm dehydrated.


But not in a college fraternity sort of way.  I'm not that cool.

Just in a, "my baby just turned three" sort of way.

And my kitchen.  Oh...  great googley-moogley.

My kitchen.

I'll spare you the horrible sight.  My reasons are two fold.  One, it will, I am convinced, taint your opinion of me forever.  And two, I have to close my eyes every time I come into the room to keep from turning into stone by looking at it.  That makes it difficult to take a photo.

I feel like some one's clothes should be hanging up there with them there vines like on Animal House or something...

Birthday Party was fun...

A few guests won't take the hint and go home...

Not Maxey, he lives here.  The disgruntled guy behind him.

Max seemed to really get into character with this whole, "King of All Wild Things" thing.  Maybe a little too much.

Three year old turned tyrannical king.

I overheard him yelling at his cousin, "No!  I'm the King!  I'm the King!!!"

Warms a mother's heart.


Yes, too much of a good thing.  It's starting to show.  Just look at his reflection!

Reflects the madness within, I say.

More birthday pics later this week!

Happy Monday!

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