Photo-a-day ~23

It has been a very long two days of traveling and a funeral of a dear friend.  It was really nice to see so many that we love so dearly, and to spend the days celebrating and honoring a truly beautiful and Godly man.  Now that we are home, the five of us are wore out.  Babies fed, bathed, and in bed.  Bed for Mommy and Daddy...  soon, very soon.
I snapped only one picture of Harrison today.  The horrified expression on his face really cracks me up.  He had a pretty rough day today, nap schedule all messed up.  So this expression kind of sums up the day for him.  Even angels have their rough patches.

1 comment:

Cupcakes and Dirt said...

I was wondering if you would be able to get the photo up today. Im beat and I live right down the road, not 2 hours away. Im proud of ya!
I probably would have put everyone to bed in their clothes including me. Then I would have woke up at 3 and thought about that picture that I forgot to post.

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