Lucky Lucky Baby

This is one lucky baby.

Why?  Why is this cutie-pie, tongue out, Captain Silly Pants the luckiest kid on the block?
Is it because I haven't given him to a gypsy caravan, even though he poops up to his shoulder blades every darn day???

Yes.  He is very lucky he has not been given away due to the mighty power of his rocket launch pooper.

But mostly...

Because of these guys.

He has two big brothers that love him.

No, seriously.

L O V E him.  Adore him.  Let him pull their hair and laugh, love him.

They think he's the bees knees.

The cat's pajamas.

They all love each other.  

Bestest of friends.

sigh...  I love my life.

I'm so crazy blessed.

1 comment:

Cupcakes and Dirt said...

You make me laugh snot out my nose and sigh beautifully at the same time!

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