Week of Snow

After yesterday's post, two things have come to my attention.  Firstly, you are all a bunch of weirdos who want to see a creepy photo of a little girl in ugly boots with her face scratched out.

I like that about you.

I'll see what I can do.  (That photo is actually in transit to Oklahoma right now.  My Mom is sending all of my childhood paraphernalia to me this week.  So be prepared to see some entertaining things soon.)

Second, my mother has made it perfectly clear that if I am ever to know the tender sunshine of her unconditional love again, I need to set the record straight about something.  And since I really like it when she comes to stay with me and does all my laundry, (and truthfully, I'm more than a little frightened of what she may be capable of), I am happy to oblige.


My Mother was, and still is, a good mother.  She made me wear those hideously ugly boots because it was very cold outside. Very cold indeed.  I needed to wear ugly warm boots for my snowy walk to school, that was, if I remember correctly, uphill both ways.

I love my Mom.

Week of Snow

There are a few things I have learned while being snowed in with my family this week.

1)  When the little boys wake up to snow, that means two things.  a)  it is Christmas.  and b)  they get hot chocolate.

2)  Rain boots ARE NOT the same as snow boots.

3)  The big boys will have snow boots next year.  Oh yes, my dear husband.  They will.

4)  If a small boy wades out in waist high snow, rain boots do nothing to keep feet warm and dry.  In fact, the tops of the boots act as a kind of funnel, channeling the snow down to be packed firmly around the foot and ankle.  And, as an added bonus, the handy uninsulated rubber keeps everything nice and cold.

5)  Sledding in our neighborhood is fun.  Unless your name is Max, and it is time to walk up the hill, and your mean old Daddy tries to get you to walk yourself.  (And by hill, I mean very slight incline.)  Then sledding is no longer fun, and you hunker down in the snow and cry as if you've just been told that both of your legs will be cut off, and that monsters are in your bedroom right now. Eating all of your toys.

6)  If the inside of a rain boot gets packed with snow, it is really hard to get off.

7)  If the inside of a rain boot gets packed with snow, the child's feet that are stuck inside the snow packed rain boot will be very cold.  So cold, that he will cry harder than he has ever cried in his entire life.

8)  Did I mention that the boys will have snow boots next year?

This is where he first realized that his feet are packed in snow and that he is more miserable than he has ever been in his entire life.

Daddy workin' hard.

S'mores in the microwave??!!  Had I known about this when I was a kid, my poor sainted Mother never would have known a moment's peace.

Harry's too little for snow, microwaved S'mores, or cottonball snowmen.

So he just hung out and looked precious.

He's really good at that.


Laurie J said...

i've got 3 boys, too! I saw your comment on Ashley Ann's blog and had to check out another fam w/3 little guys :) cute pics!

April Irvin said...

I to my friend NEVER buy snow boots. My thinking behind this is WHY! We only get at the most 2 inches of snow. Rain boots are more practical, we get a lot of rain. The rain boots should work for both! Not this year my friend. So if we both go out and buy the children LOVELY snow boots next year, then there is a good chance that we will only get rain and the children will be wearing lovely snow boots in the rain. I guess it could work. Either way will have cursed ourselves but only in a different direction.

April Irvin said...

PS. you should go over to my blog and comment so you can win free stuff. by stuff i mean monies!

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