The Two Dragons, A Cautionary Tale

There were once two dragons.  Both fierce.  Both heroic.  Both green.

They both sat up strong and tall.  Proud to be magnificent, green dragons.

Until one day...

This happened.

One dragon suddenly was...  droopy.

Both dragons used to look like this.

Peppy.  Exuberant.  Ready to face the world with a song in his heart and fire on his breath.

But now one looks like this.

He's all droopy and saggy.

Ashamed.  Downhearted.

And why?  Why, you ask?  Why is the poor dragon so sad and droopy, when he was once perky and proud?

Because he took a nap with this kid.

The dragon sealed his doom when he met...

Max the Destroyer

Oh, don't be fooled.  He might look sweet, but he shows no mercy.  Takes no prisoners.

Rips the guts out of poor, innocent, unsuspecting dragons.

That's right, trembling townsfolk.

He ripped.  the.  dragon's.  heart.  out.

Sleep with one eye open, friends.

Sleep with one eye open.

1 comment:

Tania said...

This is so cotton-pickin' hilarious!! My middle son has a Curious George doll that is starting to look a little more then ragged. I love it!!

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