Listen Here, Whippersnappers.

Okay.  I'm no diva.  I'm no Kathleen Battle.  I'm no Kristen Chenoweth, no Aretha Franklin, no Ella Fitzgerald.  I don't have the greatest voice in the world.

But I'm not that bad, thank you very much.

I can actually carry a tune.

Some people, amazing as it may seem, even LIKE it when I sing.

Like it.

I actually have a degree in music, kids.  That's right.  A degree.  A university degree that my husband is still paying for.  A certified piece of paper, from a respected institution of higher learning, verifying that I am not horrible.  Spelling it out, right there in black and white that

I.  do.  not.  suck.


Children.  My young.  Fruit of my womb.  If you could please.


Stop making this face

every time I open my mouth to sing, I would really appreciate it.

If you could refrain from screaming, "No!  Mommy, stop singing!" that would be great too.

And if you would stop covering your ears and running out of the room that would be a bonus.

Thanks a lot.

Mommy Songbird


Mariah said...
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JoLaLaLa said...

If it helps any, I happen to rather like your singing. :) Also, although I do not have the degree certifying my musical talents, I don't think I suck either, but my children seem to have the same thoughts/feelings as yours. Those few times I am in the car alone, I am the maniac singing at the top of my lungs while there is no one around to complain. hehehe

Lena said...

My kids get annoyed with my singing, too. So I've learned to enjoy torturing them with it : )

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