I'm Not Even Sorry

Did you know that drivers licenses expire?  It was a nasty shock when I found out.

The other day I went to go renew my 3 month expired drivers license.  The nice man confirmed my height.  Yes, I haven't grown or shrunk.  Then he asked my weight.

I didn't hesitate.  I boldly, confidently, proudly...  lied.  Lied through my teeth.  Lied with no thought of right or wrong, no intention of taking it back, no thought of the consequences.  I recited my junior in college weight.  My three babies ago, pre-marital bliss, 20 year old self weight.  yup.  Not sorry.

Am I sorry now?


How bout now?

Nope.  Still not sorry.

Not even sorry about how big of a lie it was, and it was a whopper.

Big, fat, lotsa lotsa poundsa lie.

Tis the season.  For lying.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire


danielle @ take heart said...


i feel you, girl!

hillary said...

Luckily my license doesn't expire until 2035. Not kidding. And I got it 10 years ago. Think I might change any between now and then?

Annie said...

Ohhhhh I so understand. I am really amazed that the little drivers license renewal person didn't look me right in the eye and LAUGH. But they did not...they must be used to it huh?

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