May the Force be With You

Oh, la.  Whatever shall I do today?  Oh, I know!
 Pose with a Wookie!  Of course!
Max wanted a Star wars themed birthday party.  Which worked out well, because I also wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party.  For him.  Of course.  For the child.

Here I am...  Really feeling the Force.  Looking at all these sweet little padawans.  With their hastily thrown together robes...  That looked as if a frazzled mother had cut them out on her bedroom floor the morning of the party...  ahem.  
Giving instructions to the first task of their Jedi Training.  
Several of the boys informed me that they were already Jedi knights, thank you very much. 

 I pointed to my buns.  

Really?  You think you know more about Star Wars than I do, kid?  Think again.  Look at the buns.  Do you SEE the buns? 

Think they can school me on Star Wars.  
Buns.  I'm the one with the buns.
So...  There was diving through Storm Trooper fire (which actually turned out to be rather a test of agility...  Somebody's mother wasn't really paying attention to how close the Storm Trooper fire was to a brick wall...  whoops.)  And there was hot lava.  And there was random jumping and twirling that I made up on the spot.  Because that's how I roll.
Then there was Darth Vader with silly string...  (betcha didn't know the Sith Lord wore track pants and boat shoes, did ya?  Learn something new every day, Gentle Reader.)
Darth Vader was a bit of a surprise, and not a very pleasant one to one of my little padawans.  She held onto my leg and stayed behind me...  
 But eventually the Master of Evil ran out of silly string.  And then things got ugly...
 Thankfully there were lots of lego sets to open to distract the blood thirsty mob.
 Everybody loves a Wookie.
 This face...  
 What I didn't realize, because I was focused on Max, is that Harrison was at the other end of the table.  Also blowing out a candle.  He had been doing a lot of screaming that day...  And doing his best to make Max's special day extra special.  By showing everyone what a sweet boy the birthday boy was...  Contrast, you know.  It's all about giving the people a good show.  It was no accident that the cupcake holding  Harry's candle had a little Darth Vader on it...  

Nope.  Not an accident.
 My girl, Marlowe.  She's wearing buns too.  And somehow when I put her robe on her, it looked suddenly chic and Chanel like...  Even with chocolate on her face.
Good times.
 Happy Birthday Max!

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