It's Just a Wednesday

For the rest of the world, today is World Autism Awareness Day.  

For us, it's Wednesday.  Because every day is Autism Awareness Day.  There is never a day when we are not autistic.  There is never a day when we are not aware.

I certainly hope you are not feeling sorry for us when you read this...

Because we are far, VERY far from feeling sorry for ourselves.

Our Lucas is more.  He is so much more than that word.  So much more than a diagnosis.  SO much more than a label.  

He is brilliant.  He is kind.  He is fierce.  He is gentle.  He is silly.  

But, yes.  He is also Autistic.


And I will not pretend that Autism does not have challenges.

But Autism doesn't define us.

Awesomeness defines us.  But not Autism.

Here are a few photos of Awesomeness.  Or Autism.  Whatever you want to call it.

Here is Lucas struggling with his fine motor skills.

 Here he is having difficulty relating to his peers.  It's so hard for him to connect with other children.
 Imaganitive play is a real struggle.
Sensory issues.

 If only he were more aware of other people...  
 He really can't get out of his comfort zone and try new things.  Just won't take risks...

 Here he is.  Autistic kids don't make eye contact, ya know.
Here is an Autistic kid...  They really don't do well in crowds.  

That's MY AMAZING BOY.  On stage all alone.  In front of a hundred people.  Playing music.

When was the last time you did that?

He's doing just what his Autistic, AWESOME little self always does.  

Kicking you-know-what and taking names.

Happy Wednesday.

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