iPhone Friday

Happy Friday!  Gearing up for Lucas's 8th birthday party this weekend...  crazy.  And exciting.  And crazy.  Oh, so crazy.  Here's a peek of what the Evans clan have been up to this week...  

Is he going to hate me someday for putting photos of his sweet cherub bum on the internet?
 Oh, well.  Just enough damage to make him interesting and fun at parties.
 Found Lucas playing with Jude one morning.  The light coming in from the window onto these two made my heart stop.
Then Max found us.
 Max had to get in on the baby love too.
 Chris and Max racing at the park.  These boys are so lucky to have the Daddy they do.  I love how Chris's shadow looks like the shadow of a little boy just like Max's.
Cool guy.
Barbies for dudes.
 I love going on before school dates with boys.  And I also love muffins.
 Chubby.  Soft baby skin.  Eat.  Him.  Up.
 Having lunch with Max at school.  #2 is going through some tough stuff right now.  So I wear this hat. It helps.
 More eating.  Man.  I buy a lot of baked goods.
 Recorder duets!  Good way to start the morning.

Hooray!  Lucas's birthday, coming up!

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