Max the Pirate

Max.  He had the nerve to turn five.  Really.  Who does he think he is??  But on the up side, it gave Chris and I the chance to dress like this for the afternoon...

Nice, right?

Not surprisingly, Max wanted to have a pirate birthday party.  I kept telling myself, Don't go crazy.  Don't go crazy.  Don't go crazy.  You have a six week old baby.  Don't go party lady crazy.

I listened.  Mostly.

 See?  Chocolate gold coins stuck in the top of cupcakes.  Easy.
 Pirate ships + Max's favorite food = ecstatic pirate birthday boy.  Thank you, Pinterest.
 It looks like a watermelon, but really it's a vicious shark.  Look out.

Oh, boy...  Yes.  Pirate treasure map.
Where do we go, where do we go???

 Max was the pirate captain, of course.  And drew out the fun of the treasure hunt by leading his band of merry men (and one pirate wench) 'round and 'round.  And 'round.  As it turns out, Max has no idea how to read a map.  Huh.  What are they teaching in pre-K if it isn't how to read pirate treasure maps???  I mean, really.  
 Walking the plank.
 Found it!  Buried in the front yard flower bed under a pile of mulch.  ewww...  mulchy socks.
Oh, the unimaginable riches!
 Don't worry.  Max got presents.  I know you were worried.  Our kids don't have nearly enough toys.

 Five candles on that cupcake!
 I don't know which one of my boys is going to end up marrying this little pirate wench...  But they are going to have their hands full.  This girl is a hot mess.  And I love that about her.
 Oh, Jude.  You missed the party!  Ah, well.  You're still the cutest moccasin wearing pirate baby the world has ever seen.

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