Easter Weekend

I'm off my game.  Seriously.  Off.

No Easter decorations.  No wreath on the front door.  No photos of all four boys in their carefully chosen color coordinating Easter outfits.  We barely even dyed eggs.  (Saturday afternoon.  Pretty last minute!)  It was all I could do to get my ham, my deviled eggs, and my family of six to church.


Ah, well.

Looking forward to a time when I'm a little more together.  (I've been saying that for years.  Wonder when it's going to happen??) 

Until that magical day appears, riding astride a pink unicorn, sliding down a rainbow, and singing Verdi...  Here are some photos from the weekend off of my phone.  My iPhone seems to be my main camera these days.

so in love with Baby Jude...

 Easter egg hunts are so exhausting...
 this kid loves him some Williams-Sonoma sprinkles.
 Mommy and sweet baby...  seconds before he spit up ALL down my back.  nice.
Let me know if you see my unicorn galloping about!  I'm really ready for her.  Him.  Whatever.

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