Just a Baby Gigolo

Not to be out done by his brothers' stunning school portraits from earlier this week...  Harry has a little something to share.  Or rather, his mother does.

If you are a thirty something minivan driving mom like myself, then chances are you grew up watching MTV.  Unless, by some horror of horrors...  Like my husband, your parents didn't have cable.  And then you grew up in some weird bubble where you had no idea what cool was.  And music was all in four part harmony singing praises unto our Lord, or childrens' voices saying no to drugs.  And you grew up doing who knows what on New Years Eve, because you certainly weren't watching the video music countdown and cheering when Peter Gabriel won the coveted MTV first place prize, the best video of the year.  Man, I love Peter Gabriel...  But I digress.  My point is, I was cool.  My husband was not. He doesn't even know who this is.
Oh, yes.  David Lee Roth.  And these guys.  You remember these guys, right?
Van Halen?  Of course you do.  And you thought guys with big hair wearing roller skates were pretty darn cool too, right?

Thankfully, Harrison is cool too.  Like me.  Not his nerdy father.  His God loving, no to drugs saying father... Yaahhh...  Not really complaining.

Harry likes a little bit of David Lee Roth now and then.  But honestly.  What two year old doesn't, I ask you?

Here's Harry. Singing, Just a Gigolo.  In the revered style of the great honored David Lee Roth.  Makes a mama proud.

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