Lucas Plays the Fiddle

Lucas woke up early on Saturday morning.  He pulled on his shoes and went outside to play in his pajamas.  Chris and I looked out our bedroom window and saw him playing out there.  We knew what he was up to...  Working off some nerves.  Lucas was going to play before a judge in a music festival for the very first time.    He didn't really know what to expect, so I'm sure he had some butterflies in his tummy.  But I knew exactly what to expect.  So I had big time butterflies in my tummy.  Lucas was quieter and more cooperative than usual.  (hmmm....  maybe he should play in a festival every morning?  Just kidding.  No I'm not.)  

We got to the college, found the music building, and after warming up in a practice room found a place to wait for our turn.  When it was Lucas's time to play his teacher asked him if he wanted me to go in with him, or if he just wanted to go in by himself.  "By myself." he replied confidently.  

Wait...  What?  By myself?  You mean not all the rest of these people, right?  You mean Daddy can wait in the hall right?  You can't possibly mean not Mommy.  But he walked into the room in front of his teacher with his violin under his arm and never looked back.  

Who is this strange child???

I resisted the urge to watch through the little window in the door and had to be content standing outside trying not to barf.  Nobody cried, nobody barfed.  (But I was close to both.)  Instead Lucas came out into the hallway beaming.  
We all left the college campus proud enough to burst, Lucas was walking on air.  So, so, so proud of that boy.  Then we headed to our neighborhood bakery to get donuts for everyone waiting for us at home.  And a chocolate petit four for Lucas.  Because that's what you do when you're proud of your seven year old.  You let them eat petit fours at 9:30 am.

Great job, Lucas!!!

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