The Event That Shall Not be Named

Sometimes...  Things happen.  And You're not allowed to blog about them.  Because your husband says,  No way, Crazy Lady.  Yup.  It's that good.  This story is so good, and so potentially damaging to the future psyche of one of my children, when he can someday be told that his mother posted that one time when you did that one thing on the interwebs for the whole world to read...  That I cannot even write about it.  But, oh man.  Am I itching to...

All I will disclose, is... It involves this little cherub.
This little cherub.  After school.  The mistaken identity of a chicken nugget.  Mail blowing down the street in the wind.  Three bother chaos.  And pee all over the inside of my Honda Pilot.  And that's it.

Happy Monday.

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