Random Fact Friday

It's been a busy week!  The big boys have been having fun with Nonna and Poppa wearing snakes around their necks for a couple of days.  No.  I'm not kidding.  Snakes.  Around their necks.  I've seen photographic proof.  They're in Heaven.  And Harry Baby has been home helping Mommy with the monumental task of swapping out clothes in all the upstairs closets.  Moving out everything little boys have grown out of, moving in everything little boys have grown into.  To some, this may not seem like a very big deal.  But to me...  Oh, it's just so hard.  It's like laundry on steroids.  And you know how I feel about laundry, Gentle Reader.  Man.  I'm bitter I'm not part of the landed gentry...  

But I digress.

Which is cool.  Because I'm pregnant.  So I use that for an excuse for everything.  Take that.

Hey, look.  It's Harry.
He has a pine cone.  And he's darn proud of it.  He is here to show you his pretty pine cone and share a few random two year old facts about himself.

-Harry sleeps all night now.  Oh, yahhhh...
-He may look all sweet, but look out.  He can scream like a banshee.
-He loves Scooby Doo.  He calls it, Cooby Snacks.  Not surprisingly, his favorite part is when Scooby and Shaggy eat snacks.
-Whatever he is eating, he pretends that it's cookies.  And that he is Cookie Monster.
-Whenever he wants a cookie, which is fairly often, he asks for a Cookie Mon-ter.
-At the tender age of two, he has figured out the proper way to eat an Oreo.  Open 'er up, lick out all the middle, put back together.  The end.
-If you let him, he would eat bananas for every meal.  And Oreo middles.
-One of his favorite games is to get the knitting needles out of my bag and pretend he is playing the tympani.  Not the drums mind you, the tympani.
-He likes to nap with his shoes on.  Weird.
-For a couple of days, every time we pulled out of the garage he would shriek with glee, Possum Poop!  Possum Poop!  

Happy Friday!

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