I'm Back!

Dear Gentle Reader,

So sorry.  It's been weeks.  I didn't really intend to take a blog vaca...  it just kindly happened.  You see...  We went on a magical weekend getaway to Branson Missouri with my college roommates.  (Okay.  We went on a weekend getaway with my college roommates.  There is nothing magical about Branson Missouri, or a house that acts as a giant natural habitat zoo enclosure for 7 children under the age of six.  However, I did have fun with my girls and get a pretty pair of boots.  So, magical.)  Then we went to Colorado.  Which I don't really like to write about too much on here, because it makes my sainted mother fret that bad guys might read my blog then break into our house and make off with the good silver whilst we are out of town.  Because bad guys read my blog.  My mom, my cousins, and bad guys.  Yup.


This happened.

Wha??  Is that exposed concrete foundation?
Did you people rip out carpet again?
Are you living in a crack house, again??

Dad gum.

So...  We had this great system worked out to make sure that all of our pretty pots of flowers didn't die while we were away.  Don't worry.  Everything lived.  But...  we had a little bit of a problem with water leaking in through the double doors of our bedroom and ruining the carpet.  Awesome.  Seems like a great time to completely redecorate the bedroom, right?  Right.  Those curtains are from our old house and are way too short.  They look ridiculous.  And that ceiling fan is from the Golden Girls set, I'm pretty sure.

So I've been busy, Gentle Reader.  Busy.

And these three kids still live here.  And they're always hungry.  And want clean underwear.  So what's a girl to do?

I promise to be a better correspondent.  Pinky swear.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the boys pretending to be penguins.  Naked.  Of course.  Because penguins don't wear clothes.  Obviously.

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