Cowgirl Feet

I am the mother of three boys.  Boys.  They're a simple lot.  They like to play.  They like to laugh.  Around our house we enjoy very sophisticated humor.  Bodily functions.  Hilarious.  Being naked.  Also hilarious.  Stinky feet.  And now we die.  It is all just too, too funny.

Jessie the cowgirl has stinky feet.  Stinky feet!  Smell the stinky feet, Mr Potato Head!  
Jessie has stinky feet!  Jessie has stinky feet!
 I think I was born to be the mother of little boys.  EWWWWW!!!!  Because seriously.  This is hilarious.

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LDaylily said...

That is too funny!! I think that phrase may have started at our house :)

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