The Room of Requirement

As I've mentioned on this blog before...  This housewife gig really isn't my bag.  Don't get me wrong, the mother and wife part is great...  It's just all the other junk.  Like laundry.  And cleaning.  And laundry.




I have sunk to a new low.  And you will have one of three reactions upon reading it.  You will either...  a) Be completely disgusted and think I am a terrible person.  b)  Think that I am a genius and pin this post on Pinterest so as not to forget my handy little trick when you are in desperate need yourself.  or c)  Clap your hands with glee because you thought of it first, have done it, and now you feel happy to know that you are not alone in the vast, dark universe.  

A couple of weeks ago, I was expecting company.  Like, within the hour.  Which was most inconvenient, because I had about twelve loads of clean laundry on my dining room to fold and put away.  The task was impossible.  There was no way I could get it done before everyone got there.  So...  I got trash bags out of the box under the kitchen sink.  And I filled them with clean laundry and threw them in the closet on top of the huge mound of dirty laundry.  Which was okay, don't worry.  The clean and the dirty were not mixing.  My garbage bags were acting like a prophylactic, keeping the clean laundry clean.  (See?  I'm not that disgusting.)  And now, I must confess.  Some of those bags are still there.  Exactly where I left them.  Because I was not meant to not have a ladies maid.  And a scullery maid.  Or three.  And I have removed a large quantity of detritus out of a junk drawer and dumped it all on the kitchen counter, to remind myself that those drawers need to be cleaned out.  I did that last week.  And the pile still sits.  And another huge pile of clean laundry has appeared on the dining room table to replace the trash bags.  And my husband has started to refer to my pantry as, The Room of Requirement.  And that's sad.

But, on the upside...  Look at this photo of a bee I took the other day.  

Let's just keep things in perspective, shall we?

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JoElla said...

hahaha! I have one of those rooms right now, due to a 10 year old birthday party that fell in the middle of one of the busiest months we've seen in a while. Sadly enough, right now it is my bedroom, so I need to get it done quickly or I fear we'll be sleeping on the couches soon. You are not alone in this 'secret' for sure. Let's just say the rule in my house is 'if the door is shut, don't open it, or I am not responsible for the consequences to your health & well being.' LOL

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