Max is Four!

Well...  It's official.  Max is four.  Which is great.  It means that he is now too big to wet his pants.  I'm ecstatic.

Every year for the boys's birthdays, I make a little video all about them.  I use photos and little video clips of them over the year and set them to a special song.  I try to find a song that really fits who they are right now.  Perhaps I will start using songs that are their favorites someday...  but for now Moves Like Jagger is hardly appropriate for a video of a four year old.

So...  Here's my little video of Sweet Max.  My editing isn't perfect, I get a little picky about that.  But as I put this together Saturday morning before the party, it will do.  I think the song fits Max's personality pretty well...  My little walking beam of sunshine.

Enjoy!  And make sure the sound is turned up on your computer!  (Sorry, but you may not be able to view the video on your phone, the music is licensed, or some mumbo jumbo like that.  Not my fault, Gentle Reader.  Take it up with Katrina and the Waves, friends.  Give it a try, but you might just have to go home and watch it on your laptop like we did in the dark ages.  You know, five years ago.)

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