Max Facts

Just in case you run into Max in a dark alley sometime this week, there are some things that might come in handy if things come to blows.

1)  His favorite color right now is blue.  Like, for reals.  The kid likes blue.  Oh, Mommy!  I love blue!  Mommy!  That was a blue car!  I love that car!

2)  He loves stop signs.  I have no idea why.  Oh Mommy!  There's a stop sign!  I love that stop sign...

3)  If the ice cubes in his drink are stuck together, he will cry.  Until you take them out.  No.  He will not get over it until you remove the offending ice cubes.  Just take them out.  Trust me.

4)  If you plan on listening to music in his presence, you had just better make darn sure whatever you are listening to is from the Jungle Book soundtrack.  I promise you, Gentle Reader.  Just listen to The Bear Necessities.  Over and over again.  Do not fight him for creative control.  It is not worth it.

5)  He will also occasionally cry because he cannot fly.  I get it.  That one's a real bummer.

6)  If you ever reprimand one of his brothers, prepare to be attacked with a sword.  Nobody messes with Max's brothers.  nobody.

7)  He's awesome.  Did you know?  He is.  It's true.

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