February at the Zoo

It's February!  It's 70 degrees!  Let's go to the zoo!  That's how we do things around here.  If it's not too hot, we go to the zoo.  Not too cold?  Go to the zoo.  Saturday?

Heck no.  Are you out of your freaking mind?  Do you know how many people go to the zoo on the weekends?  Ick.  Oh, the humanity...

So anyways...  We like the zoo.  We like the carousel.  We like the train.  We like the playground.  We even look at the animals.

I usually bring my camera to the zoo, but yesterday I left it at home and only brought my iPhone.  I must admit...  It was kind of nice to fit my camera in my pocket.  And then it's much easier for you to get in the photos too, because tiny hands can hold your phone with ease.  And there you have it.  The proof you need that you children weren't raised by a pack of wild dogs after all.  No matter what people might say.
this is Nemo.  But you knew that already.  We must, MUST see him every time we go to the zoo.  Every time.  Every, single time.  Forever and ever, amen.
I heart Instagram.  Did you know?  There are pink hearts floating above my head right now.  
All for Instagram.
sometimes shadows are the easiest way to get a family photo!

linking up with Embrace the Camera today!  you should so.  totally.  check it.


Melissa G. said...

Great photos!
We love the zoo too!

tasha said...

these are so fun. i can't even imagine how thrilled my 3 yr. old would be if we found nemo at the zoo. :) love your blog!

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