Baby Needs a Haircut

Ladies and Gentlemen.  I present to you...  The Mullet Puff.  You know...  it's a mullet, but it's a mullet masterfully crafted of super fine baby curls.  Resulting in something like a puff.  A Mullet Puff.
Poor baby.  Doesn't anyone love you?  Why haven't you had a hair cut?  Don't your parents see that strange, unruly wad of fluff on the back of your skull?
And the front is weird too...  Like a thin, scraggly bangs scrap.  Where is your mother??
But you know, I heard that mullets were coming back.  Oh, yeah.  Big time.  With a vengeance.  You parents must just be super hip.  Ahead of the trends.
 Okay...  Cut Mullet Baby's hair.  On the check list.  Right after painting the bathroom floor that has looked like a crack house since October.  Then I'll get right on hair cut patrol.

1 comment:

xo katrina said...

i had to trim wyatt's bangs for the first time because they were getting into the path of his runny nose...then into his eyes...hello, pink eye!

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