remodling: seen and unforeseen

So...  Look around.

Pretty, huh?


I am seriously in love with the changes.

And I like my new best friend, Jackie.  You can see some of her work here.  She's pretty great.  She did EXACTLY what I wanted, and more.  And next fall, when I'm ready to redo it all over again, you can bet your boots I'll be calling her again.  That's right.  I just said "you can bet your boots."


I know the slide show isn't quite perfect yet, I need to do some tweaking.  (Any suggested photos for that, Mom?  Cousins?  Whatcha think?)

I was so excited last evening to get to work on that last night after the boys were down.  After dinner, I walked back to our bedroom and heard a strange sound.  (When people have children, this phrase "I heard a strange sound" means impending doom.  horror.  terror.)  I opened the door to our bathroom, and a cascade of water was rushing down onto the floor from my sink.

There were two inches of standing water in all of my drawers.





Chris ran to go rent a carpet shampooer to use without shampoo and try to suck up the gallons of water.

Which worked.  Sort of.

Like most of our remodeling decisions, we decided in a flash, "Hey. We hate this carpet.  Let's just rip it up and paint the concrete until we can afford to tile."

Well, okay then.

Goodbye, stupid carpet.  Stupid soggy carpet.

Did you know carpet pad should really be called, giant sponge that you put on concrete under your carpet?

Goodbye, stupid soggy carpet pad.

Hello, crack house bathroom.

Happy Friday, Suckers.

1 comment:

silverraspberry said...

I'm sorry that happened, Mariah~
I hope you get the "new" tile soon ;p

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