Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!  We're riding on your branches...


That isn't how you sing it at your house?


I guess that's because Max doesn't live with you.  Too bad.

Christmas at our house.

Super.  Duper.  Fun.

Lucas was so excited...  he was ready to go to bed around 5:00.  But not before writing this note to Santa...

As you can see, Santa came.  And he ate his cookies.  Which was very courageous of Santa, as those particular cookies were decorated by grubby little boy mitts.  You're a brave man, Santa.

 Every Christmas morning, Chris is the first one up.  He is always so excited.  It's really funny.  He gets up before the kids, and can hardly wait for them to come down the stairs.  Isn't it supposed to be the kids who are so excited about Christmas morning that they can't sleep?  Not at our house!

Ummm....  Hey Mariah.  Your baby somehow got ahold of the kitchen scrub brush.  Oh, wait.  That's his scrub brush?  That he got in his Christmas stocking?  Of course it is.

Why wouldn't he get a scrub brush in his stocking?  Santa knows it is his very favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Captain Isaac!  My nephew...  saving the world, one big sweet smile at a time.

And may your lazy Christmas break be double fisted with scrub brush happiness.

Merry Merry.  Happy Happy.

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