I Heart My New Phone

Dear Gentle Reader.  Thank you for your support on my journey to becoming a cool kid and getting a smart phone.  Did you know I love it?  Well.  I do.  I love it.  And my favorite of favorite things about it?  Besides Angry Birds?

You guessed it.  Angry Birds Seasons.

But other than that.

It's the kick booty camera.  The camera on my last cell phone was a joke.  And not a very funny one.  But did you know the cameras on iPhones are super fantastic??!!

Let me tell you what I love about it.

It is completely different from my DSLR.  I love that.  Love that it is an entirely differently animal.  It's stretching me creatively, and man do I love a good stretch.  I shoot exclusively with a 50mm lens on my Canon (I'm saving up for another lens, but these things come slowly when you are an unemployed housewife.  Like, ridiculous, embarrassing, slowly.  Like, I'm not actually an adult, pathetic jelly jar stashed in my closet stuffed with every ten dollar bill my Grandparents send in a birthday card... and scraps of paper with IOU's scribbled on them from, when we've had to steal from my jar when we need cash for the Girl Scouts at the front door.  Man, those little girls are pushy.  They're like the mafia in little kelly green berets.).  So the change in focal length is really fun.

Also...  I am LOVING the apps!  woo doggies!  My favorite so far has been Instagram, but I think I would like to spend a little more quality time with Hipstamatic.  I do things effects wise on my iPhone camera, that I would never do on my Canon.  I'm kind of a purist when it comes to editing, I am not really into antiquing, or other color treatments...  Unless it's on my iPhone.  Then look out.  I'ma go crazy kids.

So here's some of the fun I've been having...

Have a good Friday everyone!  Hey, let's all get the Halloween decorations put away before the Mister gets home today, mmmkay?  You've seriously been slacking...  Right after this coffee...


Darcie said...

my husband just surprized me with an iPhone. I cannot put it down. Angry birds and instagram are my favorite. Havnt tried hipstamatic..

C. Wright said...

Did you shoot all of those with your iPhone? VERY impressive!

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