school picture smirk

Yesterday, Lucas brought home an envelope.

You know the envelope I'm talking about.  The big, 8x10 envelope with the clear plastic window so you can see the school picture inside.

That's right.  I said school picture.  

I order school pictures.  I can't not order them.  It's like eating dinner.  You just have to.  Even if you aren't really hungry.  That's how I feel about school pictures.  Do I take better photos?  Yes.  Will I ever actually hand these bad boys out to friends and family?  No.  But after seeing these puppies, they are going to wish I would.

I giggle every time I see these...

Okay, seriously.

Who is this kid?

What's with the kindergarten smirk?  Does he really think he's that cool??

And is that powdered donut on his face?


Makes me devoutly thankful that I have a camera and opposable thumbs.

But I will always order school pictures.  There's something very nostalgic about the blue background, the front on head and shoulders shot...  And they usually turn out so.  funny.

Okay, so two more things.

1)  I'm going off the grid for the rest of this week.  That's right.  Just boys and cuddles, no blogging and etsy.  Everybody needs a break now and then.


2)  The winner of out We Bead Connected giveaway is....

Lib Perry!!!

Hooray for you!!!  Email me your contact info and we'll get your lovely necklace to you shortly.

Have a great week, everyone!  Signing off!

ahhh...  gave me the giggles again.

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silverraspberry said...

Seriously laughing so hard. I should show you some of Trenton's sometime. By the way, in defense of Lucas, Trenton says they grab their face, and turn it the way they want. (He hates it *LOATHES IT* when people invade his personal space..) so! Here's to school pictures!!! Wait. No. Here's to Mariah's pictures!!! :)

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