passing the halloween torch


I've mentioned before how much I love Halloween.

My boys love it too.

Lucas has been planning on being a pirate since June.  The two of them play Garfield's Halloween every day.  Lucas is Garfield, Max is Odie.  They dump out a tote of toys, crawl in it, and act out the boat scene.  Lucas also says Max is going to be a pirate, but Max has his own ideas.  He was going to be a bat, but last week changed his mind and now wants to be a dragon.  A very specific dragon costume, where I must now construct a giant head out of cardboard, paint it, and somehow tape a flashlight and cellophane on the inside so it looks like he is breathing fire.

Yah, I know.

He.  is.  so.  my.  kid.

And on a related but side tangent, what the heck??!!  Max is only three.  Surely, I should still be able to decide what he is going to dress up as.  I wanted him to be some kind of farm animal so that Harry could be a little chick.  A cute, fluffy yellow chick with rubber gloves on his feet.  So cute.

But noooo.

He insists, INSISTS on being a dragon.  The best I could do was talk him into being a blue dragon instead of a brown dragon.  A brown dragon?  Seriously?  He would look like a walking, fire breathing turd.

But I digress.

So the other day, it was time to get out the Halloween decorations.  I know that a lot of people put theirs out sooner, but I have a strict rule at my house.  No Halloween decorating until after  Lucas's birthday.  I don't want anything stealing his birthday thunder, you know.

The boys were SOOO excited to see the Halloween directions.

It had been a while since Max had seen Mr. Bones.  He was a little unsure at first...

But after Mr. Bones sang a peppy little rendition of David Lee Roth's song with the catchy lyrics, "I aint got no body!  No body!  No body!"

Max warmed right up.

Mr. Bones is decidedly the scariest thing at our house.  I'm not a fan of blood and gore...  Mostly kittens wearing witches hats and stirring cauldrons of candy.

Oh, it's so exciting, it's so exciting!!!

Harry even wore his special edition spiderweb socks.

Oh happy day.

The end.

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