little big boys' room

It's time for true confessions, Gentle Reader.

We've been in this house for almost three years.

I just got the boys' rooms decorated.

I know, I know.  I'm a terrible mother.

But the room used to look like this...


Finally getting it put together was such a monuments occasion, that I had to take photos.  Shocking, I know.

So here's a tour of the big boys' room.  Three years later.  They leave for college next week.

I refinished their dresser the last time my mom was in town.  We bought it from a friend's yard sale.  It was first bought by my very good friend's garandparents at a yard sale in the '80's...  Then was in her parent's house (he married my husband and I eight years ago.  Bit of trivia.  You're welcome.).  Then our friends had it in their house.  Then we bought it, and I painted it blue and added red hardware.  ta da.

I painted these watercolor images for the boys last winter.  I was inspired by Sara Jane Studios.  LOVE her work.  But I wanted bigger than 8 x 10.  sooo...  Mine aren't as good as Sara's, but the boys don't know that.

My mom cut out these flags.  Hooray Grandma Nell!

My cousin Trisha made this amazing quilt when Max was born.  The monsters have eyelashes.  It's pretty awesome.  Lucas has one that she made with doggies on it...  that Lucas cannot sleep without and that I have to sneak into the washing machine.  Another bit of trivia.  You're welcome again.

Buzz and Woody dig it.

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