Lion Birthday Party!

Saturday was Lucas's 6th birthday party.  Aaaannnd...  This post is kind of long.  Because there are lots of photos.  Because I give the people what they want.  Okay, I give my mom what she wants.


It was a lion themed birthday party, of course.

Yes.  That little tag says, "antelope pizza balls."  We're lions, aren't we?  You think pepperoni is easy to find on the savanna??  sheesh.

Lots of boys...  three girls.  Good times.

 Blow out the candles, big six year old!

That's one tasty lion!  With hidden gummy bears inside...  I know.  Sounds disgusting, doesn't it?  But the only thing more exciting than eating a cupcake, is finding a gummy bear inside your cupcake.  Trust me.

Pinata time, ya'll!  This is the pinata that I made...  Yikes.  Did you know making a pinata is SUPER MESSY??

Yes.  That's my kid.  In the froggy boots.  He put the first hole in the pinata.  I'm pretty sure his boots had something to do with it.

Love the faces on the kiddos in the background!


Run!  Get the candy!  Get it!  We'll never get candy again!  Quick!  Seriously.  They were like a pack of wild dogs.  A school of piranhas.  Piranha dogs.  It was frightening.

Laura looks smashing in a pinata hat, don't you think?

 That's a lot of boys...

Watching your friend open presents is serious business.  Serious indeed.

Harry, stop walking.  You're making everyone sad.  Quit it.  You're grounded.

We all had a great time!

Thanks for being born, Lucas!


Darcie said...

you always have such fun pictures, the party looked really fun

silverraspberry said...

the cupcakes were adorable!!!!!!
And I LOVE your streamer to peices!

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