Look who's 6

Six is so...


He isn't a baby anymore.

He's a...


Big kid.

And I'm embracing it.  He is wonderful...  I don't want to miss a single thing by crying over yesterday and the baby he used to be, I want to enjoy the person he is right now.   The funny, quirky, kind, and unbelievably smart little man he is today.  How did he get so smart??  It's a little creepy...  Like aliens from a distant land, creepy.

The night before his birthday, Chris and I snuck into his and Max's room, and filled it with balloons.  It's a good thing they're heavy sleepers.  The dark makes me clumsy.  (Okay, so does the light.  don't judge me.)

Lucas and Max were pretty excited when they woke up.

Lucas came and got into bed with me early in the morning and said, "Mommy.  there are balloons in my room because it's my birthday!"

I don't know who is more excited about Lucas having a birthday...  Lucas or Max.  Max was on cloud nine all day!

In the afternoon I went to Lucas's kindergarten class and took a special birthday snack and got to spend a little time in his classroom.  His teacher does this thing for the kids' birthdays...  It's a little evil.  Because it involves this...

Oh, yes.  Glitter.  Lots of it.  Sprinkled on top of their heads like a birthday baptism.

But seriously.  How can I mind when he loves it so much??  He was so happy.  Such a sweetie.

No, he doesn't need Head and Shoulders.  That's glitter.

Chocolate donuts with sprinkles, anyone?  To go with the sprinkles on Lucas's head? Anyone?  Anyone?

Lucas got to pick where we ate dinner last night.  And for the second year running (or was it the third?) he chose P.F. Changs.  He has chosen it twice, which probably means he will choose it next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.  We will be going to P.F. Changs for his 30th birthday.  And he will still order the kids lo mein.  Because it looks like worms.  And that's funny.  My little guy is what we would call, a creature of habit.  And he likes the salt and pepper calamari.  Can't blame him there...  yum.

This is the part of the evening when Lucas was singing a little ditty of his own creation that went a little something like, "If I only had a horse!  If I only had a horse, oooh...  If I only had a horse!"

Now it's time for me to not loose my mind.  Because the part-ay is tomorrow.  And something happens to me where birthday parties are concerned, and I loose my marbles.  When creativity and a disorder that makes me believe that because I have opposable thumbs there isn't anything I can't master, meet with procrastination and the knowledge that the party is tomorrow...

Say a prayer, friends.

Say two.

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xo katrina said...

my eldest is turning 8 on friday and i'm totally stealing this balloon idea. and maybe the donuts. but i can do without the glitter. LOL

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