A Bit Lighter

You guys are so nice.  After yesterday's post...


Yah.  That one.

Everyone was so supportive and wonderful.  You wouldn't believe how many truly kind and thoughtful messages I received.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the love that's been shown to me, it's quite overwhelming.

Thanks, friends.

So, after a couple of really rough days, I'm in the mood for something a little lighter.

If you've seen my facebook photography page, you've already seen these.  Humor me, will ya?

And if you haven't seen my facebook photography page, well then.  I invite you to go check it out!  And then click that little like button and make me feel like a cool kid.  (That feels so weird to say.  "Hey, everyone!  Like me!  Like me!")

So, anyways...



He and I went out together, just the two of us a while back to take his three year photos.

Yes, I know he turned three in April.

Don't judge me.

Oh, Max.  You always light up my days.

I know.  That tie.  I'm dying.

My sweet sunshine boy.  Pure, concentrated joy.  Love that Max.

Happy Friday!


Annie said...

That Max...always brings a smile! And the tie? It's pretty darn great! Gracie even took notice!

Darcie said...

Awesome photos, love that tie!! Going to click like on your FB page now..

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