The Party

Brace yourself, Gentle Reader.  For the next week or so, I am going to make you sit on my sofa and watch home movies from my vacation.  If you aren't into that kind of thing, check back later.  If you like photos of Colorado and my offspring, read on.


The whole purpose of our Colorado trip was to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday.  My cousins and I have been planning it for months.  Deciding on the venue.  The guest list.  The food.  The cake.  I've been making the decorations for weeks.  Obviously, I couldn't write about it on my blog.  That would have ruined everything!  Keeping the secret was the hardest, and the funnest part of the whole scheme.  My mom was just out here in June, and it was no small job to keep the decorations out of her sight and the plans out of her hearing.  There were a couple of near misses, where I had to hack into her facebook account to keep her from seeing messages.  woops.  

We managed to pull it off.  She was surprised.  Really surprised.  Really, really surprised.  The months of planning, scheming, deception, intrigue...  Totally my bag, baby.

Almost my whole family was there.  We were only missing an aunt and uncle from Texas, and a cousin from Arizona.  So we were a cozy little band of fifty.  Chris and our little family from Oklahoma, my cousin Pammy and her boys from Arizona, my cousin Kaylene and her girls from Idaho, and everyone else local.  It's been about six years since we've all been together.  I can't put into words how wonderful it was to see those faces...

I don't know what it's like in your family, Gentle Reader.  But I grew up with cousins for my best friends.  Our extended family is very close.  If you've been around me for more than an hour you have probably heard the statement, "This one time...  me and my cousin..." many times.  We love each other.  Fiercely.  Deeply.  Without reservation.  My husband didn't grow up like this, in a big clan of cousins.  He finds it very odd that I sincerely think it is my business who my first cousin once removed Brandon dates.  Oh yes it is.  It is indeed.  I don't care how old he is.  I should really screen his girlfriends.  We would all be better off.

But I digress.

We all have our little quirks.  My mom cries too much.  I'm loud.  Jasmine can't watch a movie any sadder than Hello Dolly.  Naomi is loud.  My brother looks like the lost member of ZZ Top.  My Uncle Burl is loud.  My cousin Aaron has been playing in a band called Beer Death for 18 years.  (That's right.  I said Beer Death.  Let me know if you're interested in a t shirt.)  Trisha is terrified of riding in elevators with strangers.  Kaylene is nicer than most people.  Katrina is meaner than most people.  (just kidding, Katrina.  Please don't hurt me.)  Autumn gives unbelievably naughty gifts at bachelorette parties.  My cousin Pammy is loud.  Brandon is loud.  I am loud.  Burl is loud.  Naomi  is loud.  Aaron is loud...  As it turns out, a lot of us are loud.  huh.    

Quirks, strong lungs.

We love each other.

So much.

And here's the little party we put together for my Mom's 60th birthday.

the decorations  

the cake

the waiting

the big surprise

the ugly cry.  sorry, Mom.

the lovefest

Thanks for turning 60 Mom!  We love you!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful surprise birthday party it was! You did a wonderful job keeping me in the dark...wait, is that really that hard! I have never felt so loved. Thank you.

Darcie said...

Looks like a really fun party :) My family is all close like yours too. I love it!

Lauren said...

Your pictures capture such amazing pics! Lovely....

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