Grand Junction Colorado is dinosaur country.

What?  You didn't know that?

Well, it is.

I grew up taking school field trips to the dinosaur museum.  I even had a Girl Scout sleep over there.  I slept right underneath the triceratops.  For reals.

The dinosaur museum has changed locations since my day, and changed names too.  But it has not changed it's awesomeness. In fact, it has maybe increased in awesomeness.  I know.

Like this dino-moble.  Awesomeness.

Please don't eat my baby.

ewwww...  grody.

Diggin' for bones.

And now we get to the scary part...



He means business.

Hold me Daddy!!!

Run away!  Run away!

I am a grown woman.  I know that T-Rex is robotronic.  I know the roaring is a recording.  I know it can't get me.  But that guy still made me a little edgy...

And made Lucas and Max really edgy.

We've seen Jurassic Park.  We aren't dummies.  We know what that guy's capable of.


LDaylily said...

Looks like your having a great time!

April Irvin said...

I hope everyone made it out with all there arms, legs, heads and babies.

Tania said...

Oh my oldest boy would go totally insane there!! Looks like an awesome time.

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