Atop Chipmunk Mountain

While in Colorado...

We were attacked by an angry mob of chipmunks.  With pitchforks.  Murder in their eyes and lust in their bellies.  And potty mouths.

Okay, not really.

But we did see a lot of chipmunks.

Awholelotta chipmunks.

And these aren't your average run of the mill boring chipmunks.  They have no fear of humans.  At all.  And some of these chipmunks are quite fat.  They've been hand fed through the generations by squealing little boys with pee-pee on their pants.




Anyhoo, the chipmunks.

Lucas loved feeding the chipmunks.  He was so happy.  He just laughed...

and laughed...

and laughed.

  The joy rolling off that kid was thick and oo-ey goo-ey.

And Max...

Well, we expect Max and this lovely little chipmunk to announce their engagement any day now.


closer...  mwah!  

I think they actually touched noses.

Okay.  This shot totally cracks me up whenever I see it.  Who knew you could catch a chipmunk making a stupid face?  Sorry about that, chipmunk on the right.  Caught you in mid cheek stuffing.

Lucas and Max had completely different methods of feeding their new friends.  Lucas would sit patiently still, hand full of sunflower seeds, waiting for the chipmunks to come and nibble out of his hand.  He was so, so happy.

Max had a different approach.  He was really excited about the chipmunks too, but wasn't too sure about letting them crawl around in his hands.  I know.  Totally at odds with his nose to nose encounter and upcoming wedding in the fall.  I am going to wear a beautiful burnt orange dress, and I have the perfect shoes for a chipmunk wedding...

Wow.  I really digress.

So he would throw handfulls of seeds on the rocks and squeal, "Come and eat it, chipmunks!  It's delicious!  Oh, look at you little cutie!  You're a cutie!  Aren't you a cutie??!!  Look at the little cutie!  Oh!  Eat it!  Eat it, you little cuties!"

To say that Max was squealing, hardly gives it justice.  It was closer to an ongoing, high pitched, excited scream.  A constant squeal of chatter that went on enthusiastically the whole time we were there.   At one point he was so excited he was even breaking out the 80's rocker pelvic thrust dance moves.  That was really something to see.  It was like David Lee Roth throwing sunflower seeds in his pee pee pants.  Wish you could have seen that one, Gentle Reader.

Look at you, you little cutie!  Eat it!  It's delicious!  Eat it, little cutie!

I think it's safe to say this goes on the short list of one of the very best days.  Ever.

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