Sweet Harry

My littlest little will be one year old in less than a month.  He is growing up so fast.  So darn fast...

But instead of being sad, of lamenting over yesterday...

I want to be present for today.  I want to keep my eyes wide open so I don't miss a thing.  I want to always remember how the light bounces off the top of his head...  How he is never still for more than two seconds...  The way he crawls across the floor with a toy in each hand.

Right now is such a magical time.  He is pulling up on everything that stands still...  and lots of things that don't.  He smiles, babbles and says "Mama".   "Dadda."  "Dude."  "Toilet."  (I take no responsibility for those last two, those are all Chris.)

His top two teeth are coming in.  He laughs at his brothers, plays with the dog.  Gives sweet and slobbery open mouth kisses.

He is getting more hair.  Not much, but what is there is curling up in the back.

I am in love with the back of his head.

And the front of his head too.  Even when he's eating the flowers.

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Mandy said...

He is so sweet! I'm working on #2 and I can't wait to meet him/her and share them with my family. Joce kisses my tummy everyday. I really think I was born to be a mother. Looks like u definitely were too. :)

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