Basil Basil Everywhere

So...  have you noticed anything different today?  Yup.  I was getting antsy.  Needed an update.  I'm not a hundred percent in love with this new bloggy layout...  I don't care for the font.  Nothing gets under my skin like a font that isn't quite right.  I'm sure I'll change it all again soon.




Yah.  Got a lot of it.

So much basil, that a girl needs to make her family some homemade basil pesto every once in a while.

And then while I'm at it...

I should probably go ahead and make linguini to go with it, right?

Dang.  That's one shiny counter. I must be really good at keeping the house clean.  Mega lightening good.

Come to me, my pretties...

Homemade pasta is super easy.  Even a trained monkey could do it.  But I wouldn't want to eat monkey pasta, I don't think.  Too hairy.  And I don't think monkeys wash their hands good enough to suit me, I bet they mostly just play in the water.

But I digress.

Homemade pasta.



Even happy chubby babies like it.

1 comment:

April Irvin said...

Pesto is one of my most favorite things little miss Betty Crocker!

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