The One About the Obligatory Zoo Photos


We go to the zoo.  I mean, we go to the zoo a lot.

About once a week when school is out.

Mostly, because I really love being sweaty and hot.  Love it.  Not really.

But yesterday morning it was cloudy and in the 80's.

wha??  Seriously?

Yah.  Seriously.

That is unbelievably fantastic stupendous amazing.  Because it has been a million degrees here every day for as long as I can remember and I have lost the will to go on.

So when I saw the that the high for the day was only going to be 91 degrees...

Quick!  Eat your oatmeal!  Put on real clothes!  We're going to the zoo!

So, yah.  we go to the zoo a lot.  And I take my camera a lot.  Well, usually my little Sony point and shoot, but Lucas broke it this week...  I still love him though.  Anyway...

Yes.  Zoo.  Camera.

There are certain photos that we have to take every time we are at the zoo.  It's the law.  And in the Bible.  Maybe.

Ahh, yes.  The old, "Raise my arm up inside this red chimpanzee thing" routine.  Every time.  Both boys.

And then riding the train...

You know what's coming next, don't you Max?  Oh, man!  What could it be?

That's right!  It's the obligatory tortoise sculpture ride!  I have countless variations of this shot.  Baby Lucas.  Toddler Lucas.  Toddler Lucas and Baby Max.  Pre school Lucas and Toddler Max. Pre-school Lucas, Toddler Max, and friends.  Pre-school Lucas, Pre-school Max, and cousins.

This was however, the first time Harrison ever got in on the action.  And it looked so fun...

I thought I should play too.  Even though setting the camera on a tree stump and using the timer cut off the top of my head.  Hey, I'm still in the picture.  Proof that someone is raising these children and that they are not feral dogs, no matter what you might hear on the street.

And here's the real deal.  We didn't ride on this guy.  He wanted us to, though.

So go grab your camera, set the camera on an tree stump, and take a picture of you and your offspring.  And then chop off the top of your head.  Come on.  All the cool kids are doing it.

Then go check out some of those cool kids here.  And then go tell all those Mommies out there how pretty pretty they are with the top of their heads chopped off.


Tessa said...

See, you like going outside sometimes. And I bet the zoo is farther than your mailbox, even if it doesn't seem like it.
(this might sound random but really it isn't)

Laurie J said...

you got that 'top of your head chopped off' look going on, friend! rock it and those precious memories with your boys at the zoo. too sweet

Our Family of Four said...

I bet they had a blast!

Hespyhesp said...

Cute post and even cuter pictures! Love the zoo!

xo katrina said...

cute cute cute! there is a tortoise statue that also serves as the obligatory photo opp at our zoo over here. lol it's funny because your lucas' face looks like he's soooo over posing with the tortoise! hahahahah

JulzVP said...

A couple of things... I adore your shoes. I wish that when I went to the zoo I thought about looking trendy too. Secondly, it is stinking hot these days! What's up with that? And finally, I totally adored reading this post. Loved your humor and wit!

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