Mr. Poodle

You can tell a lot about a person from their dog.

Or maybe not.  Maybe a dog is just a dog, and a person is just a person and that is the end of it, close the book, go try and fold something.

Either way, I always pictured myself as a big dog person.  We always had big, hairy slobbery dogs when I was growing up, so I just naturally thought I was a big hairy dog kind of gal.

I thought I'd be one of those cool kids at the park playing Frisbee golf with my happy good natured loyal  yellow lab at my side.  Or maybe hiking with my weimaraner.  Those are cool...

But come on.  Let's be honest with ourselves, shall we?  I'm not a hang out at the park kind of girl. There are places to hike around here, (stop sneering Colorado friends and family.  I live in Oklahoma.  It is a lovely state.  If you visited me, you would know that.  So there.) but I have never actually been to them.  I've never played frisbee gold in my life, and honestly I'm a little confused why anyone else does either.  I'm really more of...  an indoor girl.

shhh...  Don't tell my Dad.  It would crush him.  I like to cook, I like to read...  And lets be really honest.  I've got a lot of crap to do.  I am not in a stage of my life where my time is dictated by what I like to do anyways.  It's dictated by three small boys and their need for lunch and clean underwear.

So, all that being said...  I guess maybe my dog does say something about me after all.

Charley.  My 10 pound poodle.  He is not a big yellow lab.  He is not a silver weimaraner.  No.  He is a teeny, tiny doglet.  And he has a Frankenstein Halloween costume.

I'm cool with it.  I've embraced my doglet lifestyle.  I like having a dog that cuddles with me on the couch and doesn't leave it covered in dog hair and slobber.  That's right friends, my dog doesn't shed.  Which is mighty convenient because I don't vacuum.  We're a perfect pair.  He's the perfect little friend to drink a coffee with.  And he is so easy to travel with.  Practically fits in your pocket.  He's a pocket poodle.  And he plays with the boys.  But, doesn't let them really touch him...  he isn't stupid you know.  He knows he has tiny chicken legs and one excited squeeze could be the end of his little poodle existence.  So he dances around them, barks at them, growls and pulls on their pajama hineys...  They love it.

So I didn't see it coming, I had no idea I was a doglet person.  But here I am.  My dog has a polar fleece vest.  I have to buy special tiny bite dog food.  If we are ever hiking, he needs to be carried.  I take my 10 pound poodle to the groomers.  But not often enough.  So they have to shave him down...  And he looks like this.

All right.  Now this part, this part I really didn't see coming.  I have a 10 pound poodle looking very poodley with his poodle hair cut, and he is wearing a 4th of July fireworks neckerchief.



I have a 10 pound poodley poodle wearing a 4th of July neckerchief?  Who now insists on sleeping in my bed between me and my husband?


I have no idea how this happened.


4th of July fireworks neckerchief.

In my bed.

Who am I?


Mommyof2n10 said...

love your blog!

Erica Fox said...

So cute!!!

April Irvin said...

Testing, testing one two three.

April Irvin said...

Houston we have comment!

Miranda Thompson said...

You are histarical poodle lady. Luv your creative writing!

LDaylily said...

Mr. Charlie is a sweetheart. Let's see if this works to post???? The page looks different this time....

Tessa said...

I laughed and laughed. My children were dancing around me, jumping and giggling to know what was so funny. It was so fun to see. When I read it to them they laughed at a poodle wearing a firework neckerchief, they liked the pictures, but missed the Who am I part of it. I get it, I do.

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