iPhone, or Android?


Which to choose...

iPhone, android?  android, iPhone?

What do you think, Gentle Reader?


Or android?

My first inclination, is to get the iPhone.  But is that just because I am a sucker for good advertising?

Is it because it has that same little apple logo that my MacBook has, which I love as if it came from my own womb?

Or is it because way down deep I just really want to be a cool kid?

But...  the girl from T Mobile said that the android blew the iPhone out of the water...  more free apps, better service, better camera...  oh so intriguing...

Oh, I don't know what to do!!!

Which do you have?  Love?  Hate?  Recommend?

Come on, kids.

Help a sister out.

1 comment:

Lib Perry said...

I have an iPhone. I got it about a month ago and L-O-V-E, Love, love, love it! But then again, it could be because I have a Thomas the Train book on it that my son loves because the trains are animated on the storybook pages...or because I can sing (way off key mind you) to my Pandora app..but I really do love my iPhone because ( and I really like that word today)..I just really love it. :)

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