Llama Llama, no Pajamas.

My little Lukey boy has a very very good friend from pre-school, Laura.  We LOVE Laura around here.  Big time love.  Like, little pink hearts floating up over our heads and bursting like bubbles love.  Last week we went to the zoo with War-wa and her brothers.  Lucas was so happy...

The kids are really good at pretending to be elephants.

Look out.  There's a sassy lion.

Penguin love.

What the???

Llama llama, chews on the chain linky.  Llama llama looks real freaky.  (Okay, so that doesn't rhyme perfectly, and if you aren't familiar with the Llama Llama books, that won't make any sense to you anyways.  So, never mind.)  But seriously.  Chewing on the fence, Llama?  Not a good look for you.  I mean...  what?  Do llamas only have teeth on the bottom, or is that his tongue?  Either way...

There we go...  better.  Love the straw in your hair.  

Oh...   sad little Llama.  Leaving the zoo is always bitter sweet.  But mostly bitter.

But this one is so tired he gave up and is just sitting down on the ground.

See you next time, zoo.  Enjoy your fence, Llama.  

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