The Wild Rumpus

Max turned three last week.

I know. How dare he.  That's exactly how I felt about it.

But, I figured...  he's going to do it anyway.  So I might as well throw a party, right?

Because he is Max after all...

His party was inspired by Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. 

AAACK!  One's hiding in the closet!

Vanilla Max cupcakes and Chocolate Wild Things.

 Inspired by the lovely Lyndsay Sung at Coco Cake Cupcakes.   I am a hack.  She is not.

 The many faces of Max...

Then there were Wild Things masks and kazoos for the Wild Rumpus to be made...

And lots, and lots of playing.

And eating, of course.  I'm throwing this party, and I like to eat.

With no tornadoes, we felt safe moving the jump jump outside.  It was a big hit with the Wild Things.

There goes the King of all Wild Things!

sniff sniff...  his feet are only going to get bigger, you know.


Presents!  I love how kids dog pile the present opener.  Everyone wants to "help".

Big Brother wants to be supportive of Max of course, but he really hates the Happy Birthday song.  He has to hide his eyes when we all sing to the Birthday Boy.

Yup.  That looks about right.

Oh, sweet Baby Daisy.  You make my ovaries ache.

There you are Harry!!!

That girl can really accessorize...

I think Max had a good time.

You can turn three again next year, Baby Boy.  It's okay.  I don't mind.


LDaylily said...

It was great Wild Rumpus for the King. Thanks to the Queen of party planning!!!

April Irvin said...

Ahhhhh. That was a beautimus party. I feel like a party pooper. My parties stink compared to that. I guess I will just have to try harder this year. Scotty wants Barbie. What wonderful fab thing can I do with Barbie? Let me know, okay.

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