Bert and Ernie

My Mother-in-law saved everything from when her babies were babies.  I mean everything.

double knit little jumpers?  Got 'em.

Blankies?  Got 'em.

Cloth diapers?  I even have a couple of those.

One of my favorite things (not just favorite things that Nonna saved, but one of my favorite things in the world.)  is a sweater that was Chris's.  All three of my boys looked like angels wearing it.

See?  Angel.

She also saved one of Chris's favorite childhood toys.

Sesame Street House.

The boys love it.

It even has Mr. Hooper's Store.

awww...  Remember Mr. Hooper?

That googley eyed Cookie Monster and the trees are a new addition, circa Lucas' 4th birthday party, but it goes nicely with the original.

And this is my favorite part...

The framed picture of Bert and Ernie hanging inside the bedroom.  It couldn't be a more perfect description of my Lucas and my Max.  (Or of their Daddy and their Uncle actually...)

Can you guess who is Bert and who is Ernie?


annie said...

Chris is Bert..
Jakie Boy is Ernie...

xo katrina said...

love it! my mil did the same thing and saved a lot of things from my hubby's childhood. my fave is a huge tub of old legos...kinds you can't find anywhere anymore. it's pretty neat.

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