Lamenting the Snow Days

I think that I may be in the minority....

But I loved being snowed in for two weeks.

We had so much fun!

Yesterday was our first day back to the grind.  A lovely grind it is, but it was really nice to just be holed up in our cozy little home.  I love that my boys are still at the age where they think I'm cool.

Mommy is cool.  Dancing with her is fun.  Everything she does is magical.

What is not no love about being home for two uninterrupted weeks with that?

Last week, I made the boys a tent.

With twinkle lights, of course.

A couple of sheets, some safety pins, and a string of Christmas lights.

You can make any day magical with supplies like those.

I need to roll around in this.  They won't always think that their Mommy can do anything.


Annie said...

So true. I have made many a tent/fort's for the boys...Forrest still thinks I am cool. Tommy does but does not admit to it in front of anyone else. Nothing like it in the whole wide world:) Gooooo super mamma:)

April Irvin said...

Great pictures my bloggy friend.
My girls could spend all day in their tents. It's a skill all mamas should have.

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