Mewwy Chwistmas



it's been a while.

I've been busy.

It was a very stickhorse Christmas.

Note to self:  Next year, do not buy so many dad-gum gifts.


Max.  was.  not.  nice.  on.  Christmas.

Wonder if it had anything to do with his chocolate marshmallow Santa he had for breakfast?

We spent the evening with the boys' Nonna and Papa.  It's a two hour drive.  with Mr. Christmas Cranky Pants.  It makes me tired to remember how cranky he was that day.

This is my nephew, Isaac.  He is never cranky after eating marshmallow Santas for breakfast.  Only sweet and practically perfect in every way.  I love him.

Oh, man.  A new Slinky Dog.  And just in the nick of time.  The Slinky Dog he got last year for Christmas had lost his nose and both ears.

That denim colored blur on the left is Luke jumping for joy over his new Slinky dog.

Dinoriffic, ya'll.

Oh, man.  That's right.  




Quite possibly the coolest thing ever invented.

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emily said...

cranky on christmas? totally not allowed.


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