Monday Morning Fireflies

We were getting ready to leave for school this morning, when I heard shrieks and squeals of delight in the other room.  The boys were catching fireflies.  Dust motes that they see in the sunlight that comes in through the window.  I love this about my boys.  Where other people might see dust, they see fireflies.

I'm grateful to get to be here and live in their wonderful world.


jasmine said...

Max and Luke are so cute! Love reading about them!

bethanyfreeman86 said...

I love this story Mo!! Your kiddos are just too cute!! You are so good at taking really cool pictures of them as well. I'm glad you are so good at enjoying mommyhood as well. I hope that when we decide to have some munchkins that I can keep in mind that the time with them is so precious!!

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