Gone Fishing

There are a few  always things wen we go to Grand Junction, the town on the western slope of Colorado where I grew up.  We always stay with my cousin Jasmine and her husband Travis.  Converge upon them like a plague of locusts is really a more accurate description.  And we always spend a day on Grand Mesa.  Then we always go fishing.  And then we always feed chipmunks.  Then we always come down the mountain exhausted and disorientated.  Then we always go home and eat the fish we caught.  Then end.

I was impressed how far the boys could cast.  They weren't very patient waiting for a bite...  Which is shocking I know.  Small boys are usually so good at standing in one spot while holding a stick in very still in their hands.  It's what boys are known for.  Holding still and not using sticks as swords.  Right.  But Uncle Travis is good at that part.  So he got the body all set up and then would call them over to reel in the fish after he had it on the line.  The three big boys all got to reel in two.   
Pretty exciting stuff, right here!
Then...  Oh, yeaaah baby.  It's chipmunk time.
As you can imagine...  This is rather a hit.  I always try to stress to the boys that we respect the animals, they are wild and free.  Not pets.  We don't chase them or try to pet them.

But Lucas thinks they are all his cousins or something.  He's pretty sure that particular rule doesn't apply to him.
It's a pretty good way to spend a day.

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