Happy Birthday Harry! (a month ago!)

My blog is getting a face lift!  It was time, Gentle Reader.  It was time.  I had photos on the slide show of Harry crawling.  He walks now, did you know?  So, things are about to look totally different all up in here.  I'm excited!  



Gentle Reader.

You know I have four kids, right?

That's my new excuse for everything.  Piles of laundry?  Four kids, back off.  Don't return phone calls and emails?  Don't judge me, people.  Four kids.  Crazy messy kitchen, unmade beds, wearing the same pair of yoga pants with spit up on them four days in a row?  Yeah.  Shut up.  Four kids.

I'm sticking to that.

That's why you haven't seen any posts about our vacation we took.  In June.  Or heard any great stories about Max and his existential crisis.  Or rambles about the sweetest baby in the entire world.

This seems to be a theme...  I think Every post in the last six months has began somewhat like this...


Harry's three now.  Here's a whole buncha photos from his birthday party.  I had to do something for this party that I have never, ever, ever done before.  Something I swore I would never do.

The night before the party, I baked Harry's birthday cake.  It was kind of a beachy theme, and his cake was to be in the shape of a sand castle.  It was late, and I was impatient.  I tried to take the cake out of the sandcastle cake pan before it had cooled down...  I know.  Rookie mistake.  It totally came apart.  Not savable.  At all.  Maybe I cried.  Maybe.  A little bit.

The next morning at 7:00 am I went to the bakery down the street.  Maybe in my pajamas.  Maybe.  A little bit.

I left with a delicious chocolate cake and some really lovely sugar cookies.  It was so easy...  Oh dear... It's like I tried crack just once...  And now...


Happy Birthday Harry.  You've been three for a month.  Cheers.
 I maybe bought a LOT of candy.  Maybe.  Just a little bit.

 I love how excited the kids were to have a cherry in their pink lemonade.  So wonderful!!
The birthday boy!

 This was the only little man who wore his hat for longer than 5 minutes.  I googled how to make a paper hat the morning of the party.  I'm slipping, Gentle Reader.  

 Three candles on that store bought (freaking delicious) cake!
And then this happened.
 And then this happened.
 And then THIS happened.  Exit sweet children, enter drowned rats.  Amp up the sugar, please.
 Miss Marlowe was SO excited to have another girl to play with.  (Although, she doesn't look excited here.  She looks like she is sugar crashing and was just hosed down by a big brother.  Which may have been the case.)  She is usually surrounded by boys.  Her two brothers, her two boy cousins, and my four boys.  Sister's desperate for a little female companionship.

 I know how you feel, Miss Marlowe.  I really, really do. 
Sprinklers.  Water guns.  Good times.  Lucas stayed inside, thank you very much.  Not his bag.

Happy Birthday, Harry!  We're glad you were born!

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